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Clients can call or text any time.
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Reduce missed opportunities.
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What is Felix

Cloud Phone Number

Felix is an always-on phone number that gives you unparalled power to recieve calls or (coming soon) texts.

Improve Your Workflow

Play messages, create interactive voice & text menus, change who receives a call based on the time and day... plus much more.

Simplify Your Phone

Help customers & clients get to the right person quickly - no more call forwarding or missed opportunities.

Personal Assistant AI

Felix is the perfect assistant for your calls.

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Why Use Felix

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Unlimited Inbound Calls

People can call your assistant night and day.
Only calls forwarded to your cellphone cost minutes.

Grow Your Business

More than a simple number, Felix is an entire ecosystem of communications tools to help grow your business.
Felix can engage customers as a primary point-of-contact.

Personal & AI Voices

Record your own voice, or use the built-in Felix AI to generate a unique prompts.
Felix is your phone assistant, built your way.

You're in excellent company.

Mobile professionals and businesses are quickly discovering the simplicty & power of Felix.




Free To Try, Easy To Stay

Create your own call flow, call in and test it out all you like.

With free inbound calls, Felix numbers are only charged for their outbound minutes.

There are plans to suit any use!

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